The Marriage Hall of Fame

For a married couple, is there any goal in life more worthwhile than honoring God and each other in marriage? Everyone knows that a married life is full of tough challenges. But couples can choose to rely on the Lord. This can give them grace needed daily to make marriage all that it was intended to be. The Marriage Hall of Fame was created by Home Encouragement to recognize and celebrate marriages that have not only stood the test of time but have been a positive influence on many others. These relationships are not at all perfect–far from it! But they are marriage relationships that have remained strong while also being an encouragement to those around them. They are reminders that the sacrifices of marriage are well worth it and that the dividends are great and can impact generations.

Nominating a couple for induction into the Marriage Hall of Fame requires a minimum $500 donation to Home Encouragement. This will enable us to encourage more and more marriages in Houston and Texas to grow in grace and strong commitment. Please contact us at for more information. And thank you for celebrating healthy marriages with us!

Inducted in 2011:

Bets & Cowboy Davis

Terri & David Peterson

Inducted in 2012:

Lee & David Hargrove

Sue & David Harkins

Kellie & Brett Hurst

Sara & Eric Kuhn

Barbara & Ray McLaughlin

Inducted in 2013:

Carolyn & Gary Bowker

Robin & Richard Duggan

Shelley & Steve Ferguson

Joan & Gay Hudson

Sueanne & Randy Nichols

Betty & Ron Perry

Sherry & Greg Webster

Inducted in 2014:

Jo Ellen & Bob Dietz

Cindy & Mike Eyre

Connie & Mark Hunker

Inducted in 2015:

Meka & Chris Arend

Mindy & David Bradley

Trisha and Howard Edington

Kelly & Mike Handel

Christine & Kevin Hannon

Janice & Bob McNair

Carol & Jere Overdyke

Stephanie & Mickey Peters

Ellen & Grant Peterson

Liane & Marty Phillips

Elisabeth & Hank Rush

Inducted in 2016:

Laura & Mike Benes

Sheri & Richard Bright

Susan & Fred Caldwell

Charlotte & Wade Crawford

Yvonne & Ted Cummins

Shari & Alf Halvorson

Jane & Bart Henson

Betty & Jim Herrington

Vicky & Casey Jones

Susan & Dean Johnson

Trudy & Tim McDermott

Beth & John Morgan

Linda & Monte Pendleton

Maggie & Warren Russell

Jenny & Dave Steane

Trisha & Craig Taylor

Linda & Rick Wertz

Inducted in 2017:

Berklee & David Baay

Mandi & Jason Barrett

Darcy & Bob Boyd

Mary & Gary Card

Gladys & Mauricio Chacon

Terry & Karl Elkins

Cathy & Joe Garcia-Prats

Betty & Ken Harris

Carol & Dick Harris

Tattin & Dick Harvin

Melinda & Danny Havard

Cindy & Buz Jochetz

Lillian & Marion Johnson

Janell & Pat Kelleher

Nancy & Tim Mavergeorge

Bette & Foster McArthur

Billie & Joe McMillan

Martha & Leigh Moore

Gracie & Rick Myers

Jenny & Larry Nettles

Carole & Larry Pena

Rachel & James Poysky

Staci & Randy Schroeder

Virginia & Don Smith

Robin & Rusty Sturgis

Karen & Michael Tiller

Jennifer & Marcus Vajdos

Sue & Joe Warren

Inducted in 2018:

Darla & Bill Baerg

Cathy & Clay Brown

Penny & Jim Bryant

Claudia & Reagan Burch

Amber & Tom Caver

Kathy & Charlie Chaffin

Debbie & Wayne Cone

Debbie & Jim Cordell

Angela & Mike Dina

M.A. & Tom Dunscombe

Sherrie & Tim Gaddis

Christine & Jeff Gentil

Carol & Bob Giles

Sara & Phil Hawk

Julie & Milt Hempel

Stephani & Ed Hess

Ashley & David Michels

Deborah & John Moncrief

Kathy & Bill Morton

Holly & Lance Mosby

Dawn & Steve Murphy

Debbi & Ross Nager

Carol & Jim Newlin

Kim & Eddie Perdomo

Barbara & Bill Peters

Edie & Ken Purgason

Amy & Trae Roby

Tera & Chris Rush

Nicole & Reid Ryan

Elizabeth & Troy Snelling

Diane & Dale Solomon

Chris & Steve Vierra

Karen & David Winship

Inducted in 2019:

Teri & Andrew Adair

Donna & Ollie Aldrich

T.J. & Dennis Beck

Nancy & Jerry Blurton

Sandy & Sam Bond

Marcia & Tom Braschayko

Jana & Chase Canfield

Debbie & Jim Cordell

Carrie & Scott Cummings

Erika & Almir Dias

Laura & Mark Dobbins

Shelley & Robby Dobbs

Gail & Jerry Edmonson

Mary & Steve Gangelhoff

Laura & Gary Guthrie

Judye & John Hartman

Rebecca & Grant Hixson

Pam & Glenn Hubenak

Kristin & Mike Huffman

Carol & Tim Hunt

Patsy & Willis Johnson

Denise & Sam Malone

Sally & Todd Matthews

Mary & Bill McDonald

Cheryl & Preston Moore

Susie & John Moore

Jeanie & Steve Simonich

Shirley & Joe Swinbank

Gladys & Jim Taylor

Laura & Drew Tingleaf

Kristina & Vance Ulsh

Susan & Darrell Vogt

Suzanne & Ken Werlein

Lisa & Wally Williams

Nancy & Tom Wilson

Devra & Roy Wooten

Inducted in 2020:

Melissa & Jeff Dutton