Married Life Prep

A recent statistic says that the average engaged couple spends 250 hours in a year planning their upcoming wedding. However, on average, today’s couples spend only two hours in that same year planning toward a lifelong marriage relationship. Statistics say that the right kind of training and premarital encouragement can increase a couple’s likelihood of having a successful marriage by as much as 75%.

Married Life Prep is a fun premarital series led by Kellie and Brett Hurst that prepares engaged and newlywed couples with relational tools needed to set their marriage on a firm foundation….for a satisfying lifelong relationship together. All materials are provided. Come join us for a relaxed environment that will get you even more excited about your upcoming life together.

Married Life Prep at MDPC is a FREE 8-hour series over two Saturday mornings. It is open to all engaged or newlywed couples. In addition, Home Encouragement® is a partner in the Twogether in Texas statewide initiative to promote healthy marriages. Therefore, after our workshops, couples that complete the entire 8-hour course receive a certificate to present to the County Clerk Office for waivers of marriage licensing fee and waiting period.